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I like to run really long distances in cool places. Yes, I know you wouldn't want to drive that far.

I am currently training for another attempt at the Umstead 50/100. The last time I attempted this race I made it 70 miles while unknowingly carrying a ride-along. This time, I will be training with that ride-along (but now he is in a stroller and a tad bigger)

Previous long races/runs:
Umstead 50 (2019, 2021, 2022) - 100k distances in 2019, 2022
Pilot Mountain to Hanging Rock 50k (2019, 2021)
Time Laps 24 Hour Race @ Whitewater Center (2019)
Self-supported 50 miler, Umstead State Park (2019, 2022)
Self-supported 50k, Outer Banks (2022)
Self-supported 50k, Red Rock Canyon - Las Vegas, NV (2019)