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I am currently a professor in Artificial Intelligence at Duke University and an AI/ML research scientist. I am also a technical advisor to startups.

Previously, I was Managing Partner and a senior data scientist at Edge Analytics, a boutique machine learning consulting firm, where I led projects and developed algorithms for the largest companies in the world. I have created technology for products spanning health & wellness, fitness & sports, privacy/compliance, interior design, and energy forecasting.

Other cool stuff I've done:
- Founder of the Digitial Biomarker Discovery Pipeline (DBDP), an open-source platform for health algos
- Developed ML models to predict glucose noninvasively using a smartwatch during my PhD at Duke
- Won an international competition for electronic health record FHIR integration
- Led a team creating ML algorithms for sports medicine at the Duke KLab
- Created a closed loop spinal cord stimulation system for my Masters thesis
- Built hardware for asthma monitoring and sleep monitoring wearables at the NSF ASSIST Center
- Gave a TEDx talk titled "The Future of Medicine is Digital" LINK
- Was a caregiver at a nursing home for Alzheimer's patients and at a respite home for children with cerebral palsy.